Poekoelan is an empowering and unique martial art that welcomes students of all ages and experience levels in a community of mutual respect and learning. In our upbeat and supportive classes, you will get fit fast, discover abilities you never knew you had, and learn practical self-defense skills.


‘Poekoelan’ is an Indonesian word, which means series of blows with returning hands and feet. Like the rose, Poekoelan is beautiful yet fierce. Its graceful, dance-like style resembles water and bamboo–fluid and circular, spiralling and continuous, graceful and whiplike. Through movements inspired by the tiger, monkey, snake, and crane, we explore the dualities of soft and hard, fast and slow, small and large, fierce and playful, circular and angular, and high and low. Within this general framework, each Poekoelan practitioner is encouraged to express the art in his or her own unique way, creating a ‘broken mirror’ that reflects the full range of the art.

Your Poekoelan training begins in Cun Tao, or basic self-defense. Over the course of six months to a year, you learn 108 self-defense holds, including weapons holds. In addition, you gain a strong foundation in Poekoelan’s basic strikes, parries, forms, animal movements, and stances.

Upon completion of Cun Tao, you are promoted to the rank of white sash and begin the next level of training. As a Third Phase student, you learn more advanced forms, stances, and fighting skills. Your progress is celebrated by tests and marked by promotions to the ranks of gold, blue, green, and brown sash. Committed students continue on to test for first-degree black belt and beyond.